Becoming a Composter.

A couple days ago my brother informed me that to be a real gardener you have to compost.  I knew this, but was trying to convince myself I could get by with the $10.99 bags of compost from Plantworld.  Only thing is they only cover 3 cubic feet, and the fact is… I’ve got a big yard and it needs a LOT of love.

Turning the compost

Since last Tuesday, when I joined the ranks of the 8.9% of Americans that count themselves among the unemployed I’ve decided to pursue my one true love.  Gardening. Problem is that also means I’ve got to do it on a budget. A tight budget. Which brings us to compost!

The big boys and I were doing some yard work this morning (Daddy had Gadzuki at the Gun Show) and I was trying to figure out what to do with these large desk sorta things that were in the backyard when we bought the place.

The Compost Box

Thats when my GENIUS kid suggest turning one on its side for my coveted Compost Box! We had just dug out all of this fantastic decomposing matter from between the bricks and after a few minutes of heavy lifting we were in business.

My lover showed up later with Gadzuki & Hank so we picked up a bag of worm castings and some soil w/ 20% chicken manure from the nursery to add to our “brown matter” i.e. dried up leaves, dirt, ivy, palms and pit. After that we added our “green matter” which according to Bubbie (my super smart brother) can just be the rotting old head of lettuce that everybody should have in their refrigerator.

And today we became Composters!

Honestly good soil was the only thing standing between me and the yard of my dreams. The fact is I can grow just about anything from seeds and the plants aren’t really the expensive part. My house was built in 1969 so the hard part has already been done – there are planters everywhere.

Next we’ll see how the clean up is going on the yard and explore my wacky plan of attack on the tomato garden.

How to Compost:

1 Bin, Box, Pile or Bucket
2 parts Brown Matter
1 part Green Matter
a liberal amount of good soil

Add together, mix up and put a lid on it. Add Green matter through the week from your kitchen and keep stirring. In about 2 months you should have some fine compost at the bottom.

Here’s a link to some real directions: How to make Compost

compost box

our re-purposed compost box.

5 Comments on “Becoming a Composter.”

  1. tamistables says:

    Love it! Your so funny! Glad your becoming a “how to it” girl!! Me and others thrive on others hints and tips on real life stuff!

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