A Gift!

My Lover told me to go answer the door.  When I opened it this is what I found!!

a gift!

A Gift from the Garden Faeries!!

Here’s what the note said!

The Note

The Note the Faeries left.

This will really come in handy tomorrow when I tackle the rest of that crab grass!

Farmers Marketing

Tuesdays we go to the Farmers Market.  Always Me & Gadzuki, usually my bestie and her baby girl too.  Today we had a few friends meeting us there.  Its a day of R&R and a chance to enjoy the fruits of someone else’s gardening labor.

Crab Grass
Before we took off I got some disturbing news and decided to kill two birds with one stone.  You see my husband loves his lawn.  Like REALLY loves it.  And hates Crab Grass, yes REALLY hates it.  So when the news came in and my first instinct was to get sweet revenge, I decided that I should take my aggression out on something more productive.  The Lawn.  Pulling weeds really is therapeutic and after about an hour my patch looked better, I was way less tense and I knew my Love would be happy with the result.  (and after all… he’s the one funding my little gardening habit!)

My usual farmers market partner in crime picked us up around 1 and we headed to the park at 2-15 and Town Center.  We played for awhile until Gadzuki broke a 4 ft fall on a metal pipe with his lip.  Party was over.  We headed to the market for some ice.

farmers marketfarmers marketfarmers market

We didn’t find ice, but what we did find were the sweet family farmers from Blythe, California.  They make the 400 mile round trip twice a week to bring fresh and sometimes organic produce to our Valley.  I picked up some Golden Nugget oranges (I get these each week 8 for $1.00 and have only seen them there.), Brussels Sprouts, Artichokes and Pears.  I spent a grand total of $11.50.

We talked a little compost talk with the family farmers, they warned us of the horrors of E.coli and let us know we should always ask for documentation when buying “Organic” then called it a day.

Tomorrow: we’ll check on the The Amoroso Family Tomato Garden on its 3 day!