The happy fenced tomato.

Miss Alabama

Miss Alabama - Plant Annihilator

Today the tomatoes got fenced in and I’d like to introduce you to the reason: Miss Alabama Amoroso.

After the new plants soldiered through the hellacious wind storm we had on Monday in Vegas, they were accosted Tuesday by everybody’s favorite hound dog! She took out two lettuces and broke the Roma tomato clean in half.

So my ever supportive and loving husband picked up some sweet fencing at Lowes today. It’s about 48″ high and does a great job repelling dogs and 2 year olds alike!

So now that they’re safe, let me tell you all about the method to my tomato planting madness:

Step 1. Prepare the soil. Seriously, there is no “too long”. And being a dirt lover, I almost suffer from planting commitment issues. I could turn and add, add and turn the dirt for months…

Step 2. Select (and read up on) the varieties of tomatoes you’re going to plant for the first season, usually the type with a shorter maturity time. Cherries are always a good choice if your not a reader.

Step 3. Buy the plants! They should be as wide as they are tall and make your car smell like you’re a marijuana enthusiast on the ride home from the nursery.

Step 4. Dig a hole twice as deep and wide as the container and fill it 1/4 of the way up with compost then sprinkle a little Bone Meal in the bottom.

Step 5. Put em’ in the ground!! Ideally this would be after the 1st of March or the last freeze of winter (check your farmers almanac). You can always cover them if its wrong.

Step 6. Water thoroughly.

Step 7. OPTIONAL – Protect from DOGS & 2 Year olds!

Tomatoes Fenced.

Next: we’ll check out the other areas of the yard that need a little help!