Punk Rock Carrots & Radish’s

In the same day Uncle Tony gave me a 1/2 bag of potting mix and everybody’s favorite ex-roadie Hank gave me some Palm & Cactus soil!  That almost made up for the fact that my husband hijacked him to go shooting on the day he was going to help me garden.
the gift of dirt

the gift of dirt.

But its cool.  Hank and I are both unemployed… so I see many days of dirt digging and heavy lifting in our future.

I announced today that I will only be doing a few shows a month in order to focus on my true passion: Gardening.  I’m not sure how well received that was… but DIY Gardening seems like a pretty punk rock thing to me and also a natural progression for a girl thats lived a life like mine…

So anyway, the gift of dirt inspired me to pick up some Carrot, Radish, Zinnia and Lavender seeds today.  I’ve never had any luck sowing the seeds straight into the ground so this will be an experiment of sorts.  I’ve done the research and fashioned two different style beds to see which works better.  You’ll notice in the photos that one has fewer rows and


The Seeds

deeper trenches so that the seedlings (carrots) can water by osmosis.  This method I picked up as a child by watching my uncle J-air garden.  The second (radishes) are planted in several rows with shallow trenches that I will water gently with the spray setting on the hose.

We’ll see which one does better.  I guess if I were a true scientist I would of used the same variety for both.  But like my good friend Stephanie says ‘it is the process, not necessarily the product’.  So as long as they both produce something, I’ll be pleased.


Compost update:  Ladies & Gentlemen… its heating up!!  Over the last couple days we’ve added grass clippings, kitchen scraps and about 15 cups of spent coffee (donated by the nice folks at Starbucks).  When you put your hand in the center its hot!

North Garden Before




North Garden After







Tomorrow: I get to watch the documentary DIRT!

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