Teenagers love my compost (and teenagers love nothing!)

This was an email I received yesterday from a my friend Stephanie Henderson, who teaches Science to high school students in the Clark magnet program.

“Hi Roxie,    I thought you might like to see these  pictures of the soil lab from my Geology class.    None of the kids are in the witness protection program or anything, so it is ok if you want to use the photos on your blog as a way to further the appreciation for the awesomeness of compost.    Some of them were quite enthralled and want to try it at home, several commented on how good it smelled, they all were picking it up to feel it.   A few wanted to know if there would be a way to make money with a home compost pile!   Anyway, you did what you could just like a good hummingbird, and now there are more hummingbirds out there! ”

Here are some photos of the kids and my compost! –


Tomorrow:  we’ll check out all the sprouts coming up!

2 Comments on “Teenagers love my compost (and teenagers love nothing!)”

  1. Kate says:

    Oh, my god! You have discovered the holy Grail of therapy! Every teen just needs a little patch of the earth to take care of with a little compost bucket to call their own to make them happy! Yay!

  2. […] my gardens is going to be photographed for a local magazine this week AND one of the students from Mrs Henderson’s Science class got so excited about my compost that she’s started her very […]

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