Saint Patricks day from the garden!


Sprouting Garden

Sprouting Radishes in the garden!

I’m pleased to announce that the Radishes are up!  The Carrots still haven’t surfaced, but they needed 10 days and the Radishes only needed 5.

Also the sprouts I planted in the togo containers and put on top of my husbands shop light in the garage have come up too!  Zinnias, Lavendar, Forget me nots and a couple others.

This is just a quick post, I can’t type and drink beer at the same time.

Happy Saint Patricks Day!!  While I love nature & animals, I HATE snakes… so if the stories are true, I’m particularly down for this holiday.  Not to mention it involves my third favorite thing to do in the world – DRINK BEERS!

Have Fun, Stay Free.

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