My flower garden gets a little attention!

One of my flower gardens from the front yard is featured in this weeks SEVEN Magazine.

my flower garden, my husband & me!

Click here to read the article and see a larger version of the photo.

On another note, I finally found a way to go outside without my allergies going crazy. Jesse and I went to Lowes and bought some of those painting masks. They look weird, but work!  The guys and I  (& Gadzuki) spent a couple hours cleaning up the yard from the party last weekend and planting.

Australian Fern

I put two Australian Ferns in some borrowed pots (thanks Dickie!) that the family got me for my birthday.  I’ve never seen them before and as much as I LOVE fern, I’m hoping its the solution for growing fern in our desert climate.  Putting them in pots is all part of my “find the perfect location” strategy.  My yard has a few different climates, full sun, part sun, part shade, total shade, humid/full sun…ect.  So I figure we’ll drag them around until we see what they like best.  I put them in part sun to start.

Ferns in pots

Also, I got a Plant World gift card for my birthday and its its BURNING a hole in my pocket.  Maybe I’ll take Gadzooks tomorrow after play school and post some photos of our favorite spots at the BEST nursery in Vegas. 

UPDATE – Veggies

Ugh!  Its been a long couple days here at the Hotel Amoroso.  The Olive trees have been in overdrive, producing all of that sweet gold (pollen) that makes the circle of life continue and me want to end my own (life).  Okay maybe I’m not THAT dramatic, but when the choice is between gardening with my eyes swelled shut or living the life of a shut in… only seeing my plants from the window, it feels like I could be.

My Birthday on Sunday was awesome.  We partied, bbq’d, drank and enjoyed life in the backyard.

As promised… here is an update on all things veggie!

TOMATOES:  They’re growing fast and most plants have small tomatoes on them.  Even the Roma, which was broken in half by the hound dog the week it was planted.  As you can tell from the photo below, the cherry tomatoes are taller than the great Gadzuki (and he’s only 2 years old).



Peppers, Zucchini & Cucumbers:  A lot has changed in just 17 days since I planted.  The Zucchini are already really big, the Cucumbers are climbing up and out of the planter and the Yellow Bell even has a small bell pepper!!



Small Bell

Eggplant, Onion & Garlic:  Not a lot has changed… I’m almost wondering if the area might be too shady?



Carrots:  They’re getting bigger everyday, but still not large enough to even get a baby carrot.



Radishes:  The foliage is getting very large on these… unfortunately almost half our crop was wiped out by the birds.  I can’t wait to harvest these and plant another round before it gets too hot.  This time I think I’ll try a bird net over the top.



Next:  I’m excited to show you how good the compost looks after just a month and a half!  

This is where I go in my dreams…

the offensive tree

The trees are making us sick.  I’ve been told by a friend that it should pass in a couple weeks.  I hope so.  The culprits are the Oleander & Olive trees and they are all over our property.  Next year we’ll get the injections that stop the Olives from producing… until then, we suffer.

So from the luxury of my air conditioned bedroom, While Gib & I watch cartoons… here is a site we like to go to.  He likes pointing out all that he sees (like a web version of an I spy book) and something about the “Wee Gardens” takes me back to when I was little and played with my Maple Town figures in the wild & crazy backyard we had in Paradise, California.

Here’s the link:

Hopefully we’ll be back in the garden tomorrow for the holiday, but then again… everyday is Earth Day around here.

Part #3 – My very own Copa Cabana

This is Vegas… Right?

I feel like I’m entitled… and don’t worry, I’ve heard the whole “you’ve got an overwhelming sense of entitlement” thing before.  Usually it was from my Dad when I’d ask for something “crazy” like summer camp.  More recently when I ask my husband for something “crazy”… like a cabana in the backyard.

This time though… Jesse decided to endorse my craziness and gave me a green light on the project.  He helped with the grass (as you saw in Part #2) and gave me the money to buy the succulents for the little garden behind the diving board (as you saw in Part #1).  But the gazebo… that was all me!  I made enough money at the Gears show I threw at Boomers a couple weeks ago, combined with some money I had to buy it cash.  Just had to talk the guy with one on down to $175 from $250.

48 hours after negotiations began (I think I mentioned before that its one of my skills) he said I could pick it up.  After an exhausting trip to North Town with Gadzuki, complete with bad GPS directions and a potty training “close call”… The sweet Albertsons brand gazebo was MINE!!

The hard part was waiting for Jesse squared to install it (Jess & Jesse Junior).  But it was well worth the wait.  Oh, did I forget to mention that?  Its been a very long wait…

Almost 5 years ago when we got married, we wanted to honeymoon in Acapulco (and visit the real Copa!)  Kids and money got in the way… and stayed in the way.  We never did take our honeymoon… but a long summer in my own Copa Cabana, with the love of my life, in our dream house makes Acapulco sound as important as summer camp does to me now… 20 years later.

Total Cost:
Gazebo – $175.00
Succulents – $29.28
Sod –  $38.00
GRAND TOTAL = $242.28

Next we’ll take a walk back through the garden… Update on all things veggie & compost!

A couple more photos:

Click to make it bigger

Click to make it bigger.


Part #2 – Natures Flooring!

In the beginning

My yard is large.  I’m not sure what the square footage is, but after looking at many a suburban home in our quest for the perfect house, I know its not average.  On top of its size, its dead.  Or it was, rather.

One year into the search, we found the house of our dreams.  The good news?  It was it was in our price range.  The bad news?   The only reason:  It was a foreclosure and over a year of vacancy had turned a once beautiful landscape into a pitiful Vegas wasteland.

Even though we’ve been steady fixing, cleaning and planting since we moved in last August, this was the first area we decided to focus on entirely.  The “Cabana” I call it!  I wanted it for my birthday (April 24th), and my husband being the tolerant man he is, agreed to get involved.

First things first, the empty planter (yesterdays post “Part #1 – Geophytes for fun!) and the miserable little chuck of dead lawn had to be dealt with.  So here’s how we finally got grass, man…


 Part #2 – Natures Flooring!

Star Nursery has the Sod for $0.45/sq ft.  One time when Jess and I were young and dumb we snagged roughly the same amount from a place by our rehearsal space… we brought it home and laid it in the backyard in the middle of the night.  We really felt like we scored, surely it was worth a lot of money.  Only rich people SOD their yards… the rest of us struggle with seed and and manure and birds and disappointment.

Well we were 9 years later we learned we were WRONG.  After a grand total investment of $38 the jeep was filled with green lush grass… even if it was only enough for a 9 x 9 area.  Oh and consequently, that sod we planted in the dead of night died.  Kharmas a bitch.

And this is how you can plant sod too:

Step #1:  Make your kids help.  Give them shovels, rakes, hoes (ha! we’re a little close to the strip for that!) and turn them loose.  They broke up and removed all of the dead grass.  Being careful of the sprinkler (its worth its weight in gold in this remote section of the yard) and added some of it to my new compost pile.

Step #2:  Fertilize the soil

Step #3:   Lay it down like your laying out quilting squares… or at least thats what it looked like to me.

Step #4: Gently cut the sections of grass to fit in your area with a steak knife.  Yep, I saw it with my own eyes.  That was the fanciest tool they used in the whole process.

Step #5:  Water, drench, drown, submerge, soak, shower, douse, bathe, ect… basically any word that describes keeping it as wet as possible for as long as possible.  Or at least two weeks.

Oh, and lastly… TRY to keep your two year old from riding his “motorcycle” on it.

Tomorrow: we take a look at what finally became my own little piece of paradise in our backyard.

Also check out the updated photo on Part #1 

Part #1 – Geophytes for fun!


I can’t kick this sickness… but I’ve gotta get my hands dirty.  So I focused my energy for the day on a little section of the yard that usually goes unnoticed.  The Pool is arguably the main attraction in our back yard.  It needs a lot of work still, but being large, gleaming and bright blue it stands to reason that its the first thing you notice.

However the little plot of land behind the diving board doesn’t get a lot of love.  This weekend I changed that… this will be a 3 part series.  When we unveil the final photos, you wont believe your eyes!

First step – Succulents!

I planted – Compact jade,  Angelina stone orpine,  Chinese sedum,  Sedum acre gold moss,  Sedum brown bean,  and some Ice plant I had left over from a few days ago.
With the fat plants water retaining abilities and  the amount of water my kids splash out of the pool I’m hoping it will make up for the fact that I don’t have a sprinkler dedicated to them.

Total Cost:  $29.28 + Tax


Next – Part #2 – Natures Flooring!

UPDATE:  We picked up a JEEP full of free river rock I found on craigslist this morning and just look at our little garden now!

Seven mentions

So what if you have to scroll all the way to the bottom to read it… they OBVIOUSLY saved the best for last!

Click here to check out the mention in this weeks issue of Las Vegas’ SEVEN Magazine.  Thanks Jarret!!

The Family

“Although no longer with Las Vegas Country Saloon, music promoter and Pigasus bassist Roxie Amoroso is now doing the unthinkable—garden-blogging! Don’t worry, she’s still putting on shows at several venues in the coming months. But now she’s also finding time to rediscover her green thumb. Ever wondered how to propagate ivy, do DIY floral design or water by osmosis? Visit to figure it all out courtesy of Vegas’ punk-metal queen (as well as a wife and mother). When Roxie lands the cover of Fine Gardening magazine, you’ll hear it here first!”

First SEVEN, then the world!  

Some Local Hip Happenings!

Since I’m still in my sick bed, here’s a list of  local gardening events that are coming up in April.  Hope to see you there! 

APRIL 1 – 30
Springs Preserve
Open Daily, 8:30am-5:30pm, Drop into the Nature Exchange to make, decorate and plant your own paper flower pots.  $2 members, $3 non-members with paid general admission.


APRIL 9 – 10
Visit Plant World at 5301 w. Charleston Blvd
More info:


APRIL 15-16, 22-23, 29-30
Springs Preserve
Saturdays & Sundays, 11am-Noon, Meet in the Gardens to learn how not all insects in the garden are pests. Learn how to control and manage bugs in your garden. $3 members, $5 non-members with paid general admission.


APRIL 15-16, 22-23, 29-30
Springs Preserve
Saturdays & Sundays, 10:30am-11:15pm, Experts highlight new and unusual Mojave native and Desert Southwest plants for your landscape and how they appear at maturity in our Gardens.


APRIL 15-16, 22-23, 29-30
Springs Preserve
Saturdays & Sundays, 1pm-2pm, Learn how to grow watermelon, cantaloupe, squash, pumpkin, cucumbers and other edibles.


APRIL 15-16, 22-23, 29-30
Springs Preserve
Saturdays & Sundays, 2pm-3pm, Discover how cacti and succulents add richness and variety to your landscape while saving water. $3 members, $5 non-members with paid general admission.


APRIL 15-16, 22-23, 29-30
Springs Preserve
Saturdays & Sundays, 3pm-4pm, Learn how to set and adjust your irrigation clock to benefit your landscape.  $3 members, $5 non-members with paid general admission.


APRIL 15-16, 22-23, 29-30
Springs Preserve
Saturdays & Sundays, 3pm-4pm, Learn how this Native American planting method still works today, and make your own seed ball in the Activity Center.  $3 members, $5 non-members with paid general admission.


APRIL 16, 2011
Las Vegas residents can celebrate Earth Day and learn more about going green at the GREENFest Festival at Town Square from 10am till 4pm. The event is free and open to the public. There will be live music, green vendors, food samplings, farmer’s market, recycling experience, food composting, energy and water conservation tips, and many other fun activities for adult’s and children of all ages! The event is presented by Republic Services and Evergreen Recycling.


APRIL 18,  2011
West Charleston Library, Noon – 4pm, Sponsored by Plant World.
For additional information, call 646-6048, 873-6621 or 878-5952.


APRIL 20, 2011
S. Hollywood Clean up (East Las Vegas), This all ages event will be held 8am to Noon.


APRIL 22, 2011
S. Hollywood Clean up (East Las Vegas), This all ages event will be held 8am to Noon.


APRIL 23, 2011
Nevada Garden Club, Inc
3333 W. Washington Ave., Las Vegas, NV

APRIL 23, 2011
BIG DUNE EARTH DAY- Nye County Sheriff’s Department
This event brought to you by the BLM is open to Adults, children, groups (must be at least 8 years old, children under 18 must be accompanied by adult).  Hours will be 8am to Noon, exact location TBA.


APRIL 23, 2011
The Conservation District of Southern Nevada (CDSN) will hold the last of its Spring Plant Sales at Acacia Demonstration Gardens in Henderson on Saturday, April 23rd from 8am to 12pm. The Plant Sales, co-hosted by College of Southern Nevada (CSN), will feature a rich and timely selection of Nevada natives, butterfly & hummingbird attractors, tortoise food plants, succulents, cactus garden dishes, and new this spring; herbs and veggies. CSN experts will be offering Plant Talks for advice during each event. Free CFL’s will be given away with a plant purchase while supplies last. Visit for a plant list and details about the events. Only cash and checks will be accepted.

To map it use address:  50 Casa Del Fuego Street, Henderson, NV 89012


APRIL 23, 2011
Come celebrate Earth Day by restoring the land and removing graffiti in the Spring Mountains. Volunteers are needed to help restore an eroding hillside off Harris Springs Rd.  Removal of graffiti, fire rings, and litter will also occur in nearby Keyhole Canyon.  The event will be based at the bottom of Harris Springs Rd in Kyle Canyon. Restoration materials, trash bags, water, and gloves will be provided. Remember proper sun protection and hiking boots. Please contact Marisa Anderson (702-515-5409) for more information.


APRIL 23, 2011
Red Rock Days
The BLM and the Friends of Red Rock Canyon will be tackling 14 restoration projects in celebration of Red Rock Days from 8am-1pm. This event is open to Adults, children, groups (must be at least 15 years old, children under 18 must be accompanied by adult).  Breakfast will be provided by Whole Foods and lunch will be provided by Albertsons.


APRIL 30, 2011
Come enjoy a day at the lake while helping the Lake Mead Nursery collect native seeds around the park! We’ll use a variety of methods to collect seeds from plants that are in seeding phase – hand picking, rackets, and buckets.   Ages 10 and up, 8am-1pm.


APRIL 30, 2011
Come help refuge staff plant riparian vegetation in degraded and/or altered sites.  With this planting event, the refuge hopes to create and restore riparian forest habitat for a variety of avian species. Enjoy planting seeds and small containers of grasses, shrubs and trees. There may be a few spots of mud. Wear layers and a hat.

My Gardenia

Kangaroo Paw – SOS

This kangaroo paw was on clearance at Lowes for only $10.00! The lady said it was bone dry when they found it shrinking up. The flowers are all shriveled up (but the new growth looks good). And some of the leaves are blackened at the edges, buts it’s otherwise in good shape!

Question is: where do I go from here? I don’t know much about tropicals…

Any suggestions?

Here’s a photo:


Newspaper pots!

Newspaper Pot!

With Gadzuki sick in bed I’m continuing the project I started yesterday:


What could be better than recycling, composting and starting your seeds all at once?  I feel like I stumbled upon a life long skill.   Here’s the video I learned from:

And here is a photo of my finished product!

Newspaper pots w/ seedlings!