The trailer park planter – remodel.

In the beginning...

This monstrosity used to live on my patio. We’ve lived here almost a year and just managed to move it a few weeks ago.  I planted peppers, cucumbers & zucchini last weekend and it was truly starting to grow on me.  But for our relationship to continue to mature, I had to do SOMETHING/ANYTHING about that hidious trailer park patio lattice.

So here’s how we spruced it up and what we used.

TOOLS: Drill, Screw driver, left over brown enamel paint, paint brush and two cans of spray paint for plastic.

Step #1: After originally trying to use the enamel paint to change the color of the lattice (and finding out the hard way that it washes right off with water).  We went to Lowes and picked up some spray paint.

Step #2: I unscrewed the lattice and set it aside, then I painted a quick coat of the brown enamel paint I had found in the garage on the unpainted plywood underneath since I now had access to it.

Step #3: My always helpful husband came out and spray painted the lattice for me.  He’s a pro with a rattle can… I’ve always suspected he’s got some graffiti boy skills he just wont cop to.

Step #4: We decided to let the paint dry over night… so we took the kids to see HOP (great movie!)

Step #5: This afternoon we drilled the lattice back into place (leaving off the side panels because they were bowed out) and here is the final product:

I dont’ know… I kind of think it looked better back at Step #4.  What do you think faithful readers?  Should I leave it off?  I can probably find another spot in the garden for the lattice.  And I feel pretty good about fixing the planter up and re-using it vs. recycling or trashing it all together.  Tell me your thoughts…

Next time: we move inside the house and tackle pothos!

8 Comments on “The trailer park planter – remodel.”

  1. GE 138 says:

    It did look better at Step 4. 🙂

  2. Looks better without the lattice. Good job though, if you dont like something, CHANGE IT! Love your attitude x

  3. stephanie Henderson says:

    My motto is Embrace the Sketchiness, so of course I like it better at the end, Step 4 is just a little too classy for my taste!

  4. jenn says:

    yeh, the lattice has got to go.

  5. Bradley says:

    I did like #4 as well
    and the lattice is cute just not there I like the color you used on it though!
    and I maybe just saying #4 looks better…because I really want your lattice! I have a great spot for it.

  6. Tam says:

    I liked it at step 4 with the lattace off:) good job!! I’m impressed:) love u!

  7. pobept says:

    Grinning, the only that truly matters is do you like it better with or without lattice!

    I like the lattice, in step 4 it looks like you ran out of time or money and never finished your project.

  8. Casey says:

    I think it looks better in Step 4 without the lattice or if you wanted to get adventurous, i think it would also look cute it you cut the lattic to sizae to fit inside of those squares on the planter

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