Compost – Then & Now

I love to talk about it, read about it, work on it, add to it, take pictures of it, smell it and play with it.

Typing that a few months ago, I could have only been talking about one thing… Gadzuki.  My 2 year old son, the light of my life.  And then I started composting…

The only thing I love more than my compost is people.  Its a bold statement… but true.  Its my most coveted material possession and I look forward to checking in on it every day.  Its complex texture, odor and usefulness mystify me like nothing else does.  If anything, I probably fiddle with it too much.

I’m not sure what it is about the black gold that gets such a hold on people, but its not only me.  Talk to anyone with a passion for gardening and I’m certain you’ll notice a little twinkle in their eye when you mention compost.

compost box

Our re-purposed compost box.

Here’s what mine looked like when we started the compost “pile” back in March.  Click here to read about how my genius kid came up with the idea.  I’m happy to report that in just 2 months we are already using the compost that you see above as beautiful mulch for the tomato plants!

Dueling composts!

We started the 2nd bin about 2 weeks ago.  You can see the difference in color alone, but if this wasn’t the internet you could smell the amazing earthy scent and feel the fine crumbly goodness that only comes with 60 days of turning, adding and watering a pile of what some might just look at as trash!

Spent Coffee.

We started the 2nd bin in much the same way we did the first.  With the exception of the enormous amount of spent coffee that Hank brought me from the Beat Coffee shop (Thanks!!).  Combined with the “Browns” I’ve been saving up from all over the yard in this handy garbage can I keep out by the compost bin.  It makes it especially convenient for when I’m trying to balance the levels.

Brown Matter.

Since we planted sod and reseeded another area of the backyard we had a lot of fresh grass clippings too.  The only other thing that was added besides water were the usual kitchen scraps… although with the yard looking so amazing, we have been partying quite a bit! (so there may have been a bit more than usual).

And so… after a couple weeks, we were really excited to take the new composts temperature and I couldn’t believe my eyes when it skyrocketed to 120 degrees!!

Click here to see the video!