Mama, the baby bee keeper.

the kids

The Kids

Some days I garden to spend time with my family, and some days I garden because my husband still hasn’t built the “Roxie sized sound proof box” that I asked for.  I’m sure its coming… He has a way of getting me everything my heart desires.  Until then, I’ll consider our yard my sound proof zone.  And truth be told, he did buy the yard for me.  It was a consolation prize that came with our dream house 2 years ago.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love my kids.  Like, borderline obsessive love them.  But sometimes and I’m sure all of you parents can relate… something inside me catches fire and I swear to the little 8 lb baby jesus that if I hear one more “doooooooooon’t!!!!!!!!!!” in a high pitched voice, the rage will consume me and I’ll burst into flame.  Literally.  I now know how spontaneous combustion happens now.  And when I feel the burn I’m lucky enough to have my garden.  I quickly exit stage left and grab the first spade I see.  The funny thing about it is even on days like this, when I’ve survived the day and after I’ve gotten them all showered, bathed, fed and put to bed… I find my self downstairs on the computer in silence looking at childhood photos of them.  Or staring at the little one while he sleeps.

Science is a strange and magical thing.  The same mother that brings the bee’s to the blossoms each year is also the mother that designed us so that we can handle so very much and still want to pollinate and carry on our own species… crazy, man.  Just crazy.

Thats it for today… I’m going to pick up some free pavers from the neighborhood next to mine for a raised garden! 

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