The Gambler.

What a project!  
You might remember a couple of days ago when I posted “Heart of Gold”, that I was just beginning our shade garden on the NW side of the house.  Today my little partner in crime played hooky from school (its preschool, relax) and joined me at the nursery for our second round of planting.



I filled a whole red wagon with 5 gallon Peter Pan Agapanthis (no small feat with a 3 year old in tow!), taking it all up to the register and ultimately putting it all back.   I’ve lived in Las Vegas for 14 years and thought that the gambling bug must have escaped me… but when I saw those big, giant Peony plants out of the corner of my eye I realized I truly was a gambler after all.

Like any young lady, coming of age in the 1990’s I LOVE Peonies… its no wonder they were the most popular wedding flower of the mid 2000’s (along with the ultimate desert-hating plant; Hydrangea).  Something about those solid stems, humongous double blossoms, rich colors and sturdy construction just speaks to me in a way that roses never could.
Only I never thought I could grow them in Vegas.  $200 later I decided to take a gamble… I ended up filling TWO red wagons with Peonies, Vinca Major and my favorite ground cover “baby tears”.

These are the varieties I chose:

Inspecteur Lavergne Peony
Raspberry Sundae Peony
Kansas Double Peony
Bowl of Cream Double Peony

Now I’m crossing my fingers. Because as we know… Just because the guy at the nursery said they’d grow well, doesn’t always mean its so.  Also, if you’ve had any success growing these flowers in the desert, please, please, please send me your tips and tricks.  My Mom suggested depositing left over ice from summer bbq’s on them to help them stay cool. Which works well for us because, well, we party A LOT!

For before photos visit my first post here.
Below are the after shots.

Peonies in the shade

Peonies in the shade

More Peonies in the shade

More Peonies in the shade

Shade Garden... So far.

Shade Garden... So far.


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