DIY floral design.

Today I decided to “Prune” the garden if you will…

Flowers and greens from the yard!

At home floral design!  I started with a small ceramic red rectangle  vase I got at the Salvation Army a few weeks ago ($2.00).  Filled it with water and a touch of lemon lime soda (my grandmothers trick for extending the life of your flowers… you can also use a little sugar).

I added: Pittosporum and Ivy from the back yard.

Pit & Ivy

Then added Daisies & Snapdragons from the front yard.

Daisies & Snaps

And last I added Ranunculus, Delphinium, Moxie and a couple Marigolds from the bird bath garden.

Ranunculus and more...

Can’t wait until the Roses start blooming…